Maui 2014 Day 7 – Road to Hana

Day seven started out early as we had to make our way all the way across the island from Kaanapali to the Hana Highway.  We made it out of the condo around 7 and made our way to Paia.  We had scoped it out a few days before, so we decided to stop at Anthony’s for breakfast.  Cool place, we enjoyed the breakfast and decided to get a couple sandwiches to go for lunch later.

After our short stop, we hit the road to Hana.  We had read so much about it, but we were still surprised how scenic the drive was and how windy the road was!  We took out the Jambox and C started streaming her Hawaii playlist from our phone since the radio was cutting in and out.  It was raining on and off at the start so we didn’t put the t-tops down, but we enjoyed the drive anyway.

Hawaii Day 7-1

Hawaii Day 7-2The first couple stops were a little crowded, so we passed them up to try and push our way past the traffic.  We did stop at a couple look out areas to admire the view.  The first waterfall we stopped at was the three bears falls.

Hawaii Day 7-4Cool view, it was right off the road, only complaint was the foliage was growing up in the foreground and blocked the view some.  Oh well, that’s nature for you.

About this time was when we started looking out for Aunt Sandy’s for banana bread, but we couldn’t find the stand!  I had written down a mile marker location but it was not correct.  We ended up stopping at the Halfway to Hana stand and picked up their banana bread which was excellent!  We ate almost the whole loaf before lunch.

Next stop was the Wai’anapanapa park to check out the black sand beach.  After finding a parking space, which involved me parallel parking much to C’s amusement, we started down the path towards the beach.

Hawaii Day 7-7We took the path to the right to walk out on the rocks and check out the lava tubes.

Hawaii Day 7-8

Hawaii Day 7-10On the way down towards the beach we passed this graffiti plant.

Hawaii Day 7-13A short walk down brought us to the black sand beach.  We also found this cave right next to the beach.

Hawaii Day 7-16

Hawaii Day 7-15Next we headed back to the Jeep and got back on the road.  We decided to pass through Hana and continue until we reached Ohe’o gulch.  Up until this point the road had been very windy but normal width except for the bridges.  Once we made it past Hana the road seemed to straighten out some, but it was noticeably more narrow which made for some fun encounters when we had to pass some large construction trucks going the opposite direction!

We paid the admission to the state park and found a parking spot.  There was a nice area with picnic benches so we decided to stop and have our packed lunch.  Hard to beat those views.  At this point we thought about hiking the Pipiwai trail, but looking at the clock there was no way we could hike the full trail (2 miles each way) and make it off the Hana highway by dark.  We opted instead for the shorter trail which took us down to the coast and had a view of the sacred pools.

Hawaii Day 7-19

Hawaii Day 7-18We didn’t try it out, but there were quite a few people swimming in the pools.

Hawaii Day 7-22Nice little trail, we hung out a while at the pools and watched some guys jumping off the rocks before we headed back to the Jeep.

Since we were almost there, we made one more stop to see Lindbergh’s grave.  Hard to imagine the world famous aviator was buried in this remote corner of Maui.

Hawaii Day 7-24

Hawaii Day 7-25The church had a scenic lookout area.

Hawaii Day 7-27

That was as far as we got, we contemplated making the full loop around the backside of Haleakala but decided against it.  As we backtracked we snapped this shot of a Packer’s fan house, it was unexpected to see in this remote area!

Hawaii Day 7-32On the way back we made a couple more stops at some lookouts.  It was kind of funny, the winding road took so much concentration I didn’t realize we passed over this waterfall until we stopped at the lookout area afterwards.

Hawaii Day 7-33

A shot of our trusty Jeep.

Hawaii Day 7-35

We thought about stopping at the twin falls, but it starting raining at this point so we made our way back to the condo.  All I have to say is wow, that was an incredibly scenic drive, but man was I beat down by the end!  We left the condo at 7AM and I don’t think we made it back until close to 5 pm.  I’m very glad we did it, but I think it will be a while before I drive it again, even then I would consider staying the night in Hana to break up the drive and so that we could do the Pipiwei trail without worrying about getting back before dark.

Needless to say we were exhausted after that drive and didn’t feel like driving any more.  So we decided that tonight was the night to give Duke’s a try since it is on the grounds of the Honua Kai.  Dinner hit the spot and we even splurged for some of the giant hula pie for desert.

Hawaii Day 7-29

Hawaii Day 7-31

We took a quick stroll around the resort and then called it a night.  Another action packed day, we decided to keep it more low key the next day since it was our last full day before our vacation was over.


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