Maui 2014 Day 9 – Bittersweet Ending

Well, the last day has finally come, so we decided to make the most of the time we had left.  Our flight out wasn’t until 3:30, but checkout time was 11 AM.  Rather than eating out, we decided to enjoy one last breakfast on the lanai.

Hawaii Day 9-17After breakfast, we procrastinated a bit and skipped packing to go for a walk on the beach.  We realized this was our first time to walk on the beach at the Honua Kai!  We had been so busy doing other activities that we didn’t get much time to enjoy the beach.

Hawaii Day 9-1

Hawaii Day 9-2

We saw someone out snorkeling, not sure how good the snorkeling was, but it would have been nice to wake up one morning and try it out.  Oh well maybe next time.  We stayed out as long as we could, but eventually we had to head back to the condo and get it all packed up.

It took a bit to get all packed up, but everything fit back in our bags, success!  One neat feature with the condo was that they said to leave any unopened food / drinks and they would donate them to a local food bank.  Since we got quite a bit of water / sodas from Costco we were able to make a good donation.

We finished packing right at checkout time and since we had some time to kill we dropped our bags off at the front desk and decided to go to Duke’s for lunch.  Lunch was great, just what we needed before we hit the road.

Hawaii Day 9-4

And with that, we ended vacation mode and entered travel mode as we made our way back to the airport.  We stopped by Maui Coffee Roasters on our way to the airport to pick up some coffee for us and as gifts for our parents.  Next up was a last stop at Costco to top off the Jeep’s gas tank, then we were off to the airport.

We dropped off our trusty Jeep at the car rental area and took a quick shuttle to the check in area of the airport.  Since our first leg was to Honolulu, we didn’t have to do the ag check, also security wasn’t too bad so we made it through with plenty of time.  We had a quick flight over to Honolulu on Hawaiian Airlines which was on time.

Once we landed in Honolulu we had to switch airlines, which required us to collect our checked bags, take a shuttle to the American Airlines area, do the ag-check and then re-check bags with American.  But from there, it was smooth sailing, a direct overnight flight back to Texas.

Hawaii Day 9-7

Under most circumstances we would have been sad to see this amazing trip come to an end. But as much as we loved our time in Maui, it was time for us to get home.  This was our first time away from our little guy and we were ready to get back to him.  The facetime calls and being sent multiple pictures each day really helped, but we were ready to see the knuckle head in person.  A HUGE thanks to both sets of awesome parents for taking care of him while we were gone so we could enjoy this amazing adventure!

Hawaii Day 9-26

Needless to say, we will definitely be heading back to Maui someday.  We may not know when that day is, but we can’t wait to take our little guy to Maui when he gets older and show him all of these amazing experiences we got to enjoy!


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